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The worst service ever
The worst place I have ever been in my all traveling history and I would highly recommend to everyone NOT TO GO HERE!!! The most unpleasant stuff I have ever met, they do not respect their guests at all !!! We had a really bad experience and when we told some other locals about it they told us that everyone in the area knows they are really bad and evil people and if their costumers order just drinks and don't have a lunch in their taverna they might throw them out, which happened to us and to many other guests before us. For the whole time the stuff didn't smile at all and all the time they were looking at us like we own them something and honestly we didn't feel relaxed at all but just the opposite, and we were 8 of us and we were their guests and pay them money for their expensive drinks, they didn't give us free drinks right? Alleluja:)))
Even the beach is nothing special or different from the others in the area.
When we arrived and came close to their sunbeds we didn't even manage to sit or unpack and they ran to ask us what would we order, we didn't have a chance to look in the menu, but however we made our order. And because we went to take a bath in the sea when they brought our order they were yelling at us that we must come out to pay them, like we were going to runaway somewhere, it was really irritating ! However we came out all wet and we paid them and we didn't say anything because we didn't want to cause problems from the start.
Than after 2 hours we gave our child a water that we brought and they ran to us to tell that it is not allowed, the have zero tolerance for their guests ! Then part of our group went out with their cars and they ran to them to tell that they are not allowed to leave the parking and come back , and they must take all their stuff. And guess what, they have children and a lot of equipment for them so it is quite annoying to pack and unpack it all. Then our friends told them that they shouldn't worry because they will order another drinks when they come back in one hour and asked again if they could leave their stuff and guess what, they didn't allow them even they promised to order again, so they packed it all and unpacked it in 1 hour when they came back !!! It was Monday and there weren't lots of guests, half of the sunbeds were empty and they still behaved grose, such a wrong policy !!! They were testing our temper the whole time .and we warned them that their behavior is really bad, but thеy repeated that they have rules and we must respect them, like we were in a military base and not at a beach bar :)))
However because we were all together our friends came back in 1 hour to be with us and they ordered another 4 drinks and than the gestapo waitress came and put the drinks on our little table and not theirs. Then my friends asked her to bring the drinks to their table by their sunbeds and she refused because she couldn't pass by because of the babies who were playing in the send which wasn't true. Like she was a model on a runaway and not a beach waitress whose job is to serve drinks !!! Than we asked her again to go from the other side to bring the drinks and she started yelling that she doesn't want to serve us and she asked all of us to go away. Then she called their bosses to trow us out!!! They came and did't want to listen at all just repeated that we must leave. Than I told them that if they want us to leave they should bring us back the money that we paid for our 8 drinks because we wanted to stay for 2 more hours on the sunbeds that we paid with the drinks but they refused. And than came another man and told us that if we didn't pack in a minute they would throw our stuff and who knows maybe they were ready to beat us and our babies ! ... We were really angry and we wanted to call even the embassy and tell them about this incident but we didn't want to spoil our whole holiday because of some total freaks. But I would again give my WARNING TO EVERYONE NOT TO GO TO LITUS BEACH BAR IF YOU WANT TO HAVE RELAXED HOLIDAY BECAUSE THEY ARE REALLY EVIL !

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