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A peninsula with wild beauty awaits you ...
In Northern Greece, in Central Macedonia, there is a place where the Gods, when they created it, gave him their most beautiful gifts.
The peninsula of Sithonia with its wild and undistorted natural beauty is located on the south side of Halkidiki, between Kassandra and Athos.
Together they form the Poseidon's Triaina, which as the god of the sea gave them the cleanest waters and the most beautiful beaches.

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We wish you beautiful Summer Holidays !

This summer you will be amazed from this peninsula with the crystal waters and untouched nature, feel free and enjoy...
Come and discover the secret world of the undersea Sithonia and its enchanting landscapes.
The best way to discover the hidden beaches of Sithonia is to have a boat ...
Excursions and rides with hiking and horses in the beautiful Sithonia.
Start a journey through the history, architecture and tradition of Sithonia....
Enjoy your Holidays in Sykia Halkidiki

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