Reaching at Neos Marmaras

The most cosmopolitan village in Sithonia that uniquely combines the mountain with the sea and nightlife with the relaxed mood on the beaches in the morning.

A paved path through the pines runs parallel with the sea that gives the opportunity to enjoy a romantic walk overlooking the amphitheater and the Marmara island in depth, Kelyfos, turtle-like into the sea.
Marmaras is composed of four main pillars formed by corresponding natural bays succeeding one another.

In the first bay you will find the old taverns where the taste of fresh fish mixed with a sense of thrifts with tables in front of the wave.

In the next two bays will find most bars and taverns, where you will find the port of the village and the school along with the church of the Archangels over the hills that separate the bays.
In the last bay begins the long beach that reaches to the premises of Porto Carras, where golf courses, a large marina and casino.

Unique routes will also enjoy, when visiting the beaches and Azapiko Kochi.


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