Reaching at Nikiti

The entrance to the second leg is a unique experience.

Green landscape with the pervasive smell of pine and just get to see it before you turn to Nikiti.

Nikiti your rebuilding dilemma.

You turn on the mountain or the sea?

Whatever option you do it is sure that you will not lose.

At the crossroads of the main road at the traffic lights, turn left towards the mountain.

Through the serpentine streets we drive following the signs to the prehistoric settlement, which kept homes since 1830.

The village retains its old Macedonian architecture of the houses with their characteristic chimneys and stone walls builded with much art.

The church of Agios Nikitas and the old school is offered on a walk in the tranquility of the slow pace and time.

Do not miss the exquisite delicacies they have to offer the taverns and enjoyment of relaxing in a cool environment.

Coming back to the center, turn at the traffic lights at the beach this time and go to take a walk by the sea.

On the beach you will find cafes and restaurants along the where you can enjoy an evening drink and a good meal too.

And if you find yourself in the Nikiti during the Sept. 15, the day that celebrates Saint Nikitas, do not miss the feast held every year after the procession of the image of the saint.

Visit also the ruins of the royal Sofroniou, 2.5 km southeast of the village with magnificent floor mosaic dating from the 6th century.

Notable beaches should see is Saint John, Kalogria of Koviou and Lagomantra.


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