Reaching at Metagitsi

Our last stop at the northern limits of the municipality Sithonia, 150 meters from the sea is Metagitsi built where previously was the legendary Assa, one of the greatest cities of Halkidiki. It joins the north and south and it attracts visitors Sithonia. Metagitsi located around 100 km from Thessaloniki and the traveler can choose between several paths to reach the destination.
Most village houses are made of stone, built in the traditional way and impress visitors.
This village is known throughout Halkidiki. One of the reasons is the incredibly delicious food that one can try to cozy taverns METAGITSI. The fact is that it is cooked in Metagitsi are made with local ingredients, as the people involved in farming and agriculture.
Metagitsi caters to lovers of mountain and sea, and is only 4 km from the beaches administratively belonging to St. Nicholas. An unforgettable hiking trail that will give visitors the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of northern Sithonia is the dam of the river Le Havre. The starting point of this route is the Holy Sunday and end position of Desi.
The first beach is METAGITSI Olive .. Shortly after we find the bones, a beach that is characteristic of the steep cliffs that rise to awe visitors.
Those who want to participate in a traditional feast is good to visit the village on July 20 when the three-day festival takes place of the prophet Elijah. Its residents are especially devout METAGITSI as evidenced by the large number of churches like St. Athanasius, St. Kitts and Saint Irene of Chrysovalantou.


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