City: Όλυνθος

Ancient city of Olynthos
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Olynthus is the ancient city of Halkidiki, built on a fertile valley on the inlet of the Gulf of Toroni, near the base of the peninsula of Pallini (Cassandra today), just 60 steps (11.5 kms) from Potidaea and 4 km from the sea. Historical dataHistory site ...

Archaeological Museum Olynthos
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Archaeological Museum OlynthosThe museum opened in July 1998 in a building in the archaeological site of ancient Olynthos, 5 km. From Moudania, Halkidiki.The archaeological finds are in the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros. The Olynthos Museum has only ...

Ancient Olynthos
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Αρχαία Όλυνθος, , ,

The area has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic Age. According to legend, the city was built by the brother of Olynthos, son of the legendary king of Thrace, Struma. The Olynthos was killed by a lion and his brother built the city to honor th ...