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Chalkidiki has to present outstanding examples from churches and chapels that were built and maintained by the previous centuries.

With handmade wooden dashboard and unique historical images, temples and churches of Halkidiki is unique and beautiful and will definitely amaze you.

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Η βασιλική Σωφρονίου
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Η βασιλική Σωφρονίου Ο ναός ήρθε στο φως με ανασκαφές που ξεκίνησαν το 1981 λίγα μέτρα δυτικότερα από το σημερινό εξωκλήσι του Αγίου Γεωργίου κοντά στην παραλία της Νικήτης. Ο ναός χρονολογείται από το πρώτο μισό του 5ου αιώνα μ.Χ και είναι από τους αρχα ...

Church St. Athanasius Sykias
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Sikia Center, , , , 63072

In the northern hill Sykia dominates the imposing stone church of Agios Athanasios, built in 1814, destroyed in 1854 by the Macedonian chieftain Tsamis Karatasos, who ruled in the Turkish church, diafentefan hitherto Sikia, and burned them. The church was ...

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Επαρχιακός Τορώνης- Πόρτο Κουφό, , ,

The church of St. Athanasios There is a 5th century church is located near the road leading from Toroni to Porto Koufo, between two other early Christian churches. This is a three-aisled church with beautiful marble decoration and has, in the central nave ...

St. Nikitas - Nikiti
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Old Village of Nikiti, , ,

The church of Agios NikitasLocated in the center of Nikiti village of Agios Nikitas church is one of the most important old buildings remain in the village and was built in 1867.

St. George Nikiti
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Old Village of Nikiti, , ,

The church of St. George 3 km south of Nikiti is the chapel of St. George, built on the site where was the 5 th century, old-aisled basilica of St. George, which was destroyed in the 6th century.Near the temple were two underground vaulted graves dating f ...

Agia Paraskevi
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Agia ParaskeviPicturesque Mediterranean village, with houses built in the pine forest. Its residents are mainly engaged in beekeeping and tourism. Well known and baths of Agia Paraskevi, where there is spa with natural hot springs, which have healing prop ...

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