Reaching at Sykia

At the southeastern end of the peninsula Sithonia after Kalamitsi, is one of the oldest villages of Chalkidiki, Sykia.

With a population of more than 3000 inhabitants, is located 160 km from Thessaloniki.

Dominant version of the name that is derived from the shadow of the imposing Mount Athos, which covers the village at sunrise.

The architecture of the village and especially the old village, has much in common with that of Mount Athos.
A walk through the village narrow streets will make you feel like you are back in time with the rhythms of life to flow slowly and calmly.

To find the village we turn from the main provincial road following the sign and 2 kilometers to the village center where you can find cafes and restaurants and taverns to enjoy the amazing tsipouro of the village that is famous for this and the native meats .

Has many attractions that can be seen starting from the stone elementary school is built entirely of granite on the hill in the center of the village since 1870.

Just above you will find the church of Agios Athanasios with magnificent wooden temple.

Above the village is dominated by the "Koukos" tall rocky hill, surrounded by a castle and there was an important prehistoric settlement.

The villagers engaged in fishing, melissotrofeia, the farms and tourism.

The area is filled with beautiful beaches like Kriaritsi The Klimataria, the Tourkolimano, Pigadaki, the Griavas the Agridia and many other unique beauty.

All these beaches are located in the foothills of Itamos, a mountain with many paths and trails that hosts the oldest tree in Halkidiki, the namesake Itamos which the age more than 2000 years.

For the comfortable stay of the visitors there are many rooms and apartments, camping, restaurants, bars, and above all the hospitality of the locals.

During your stay explore all the surrounding beaches and do not forget to visit the taverns in Pigadaki and Tourkolimano.

The "virginity" of the coast and nature, and the authenticity of its inhabitants, will offer you an unforgettable holiday.


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